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24/12 Hours of Iron Maiden - Jun 13, 2020

Back by popular demand, the 2018 version of Iron Maiden will offer both a 12-hour and 24-hour option. We are also moving the date in the hopes of less rain this year. The Iron Maiden is a 12/24-hour test of physical...

Location: Tannehill Historical State Park, McCalla, Alabama

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English and LeMaitre win JetBlack 24hr titles!

From marathonmtb.com by MarathonMTB

For the first time in it’s 10-year history, the JetBlack 24 Hour with its JetBlack 6+6 Hour offspring took place at Rydal Showgrounds near Lithgow on 3+4 March 2018. In the men’s 24 hour solo competition, it was the race favourite and multiple 24-hour Solo World Champion Jason English from Newcastle who claimed his seventh race title ahead of last year’s winner and runner up, Sam Moffitt from Canberra... ....

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24hr tips from Ed McDonald

From marathonmtb.com by Ed McDonald

Here at MarathonMTB.com we have a bit of 24 hour pedigree amongst our team. Not only was Ed McDonald 2016 Australian 24hr Solo champion, our XCO/XCM/Stage racer Imogen Smith has raced a 24hr solo, and many team events. And Mike Blewitt has also done plenty of 24hr team events with podium finishes. ....

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Another successful ( and cold ) Strathpuffer 24 hour race.

From 24 Hour Racing by Craig Benson

The Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race took place over the weekend of the 24th. Keith Forsyth won the men's solo category for the 4th time, cementing him as the king of the 'Puffer. The women's event was won by Cat Hirst, who covered 165 freezing miles in 15 laps. The conditions were cold and snowy but clear for a good part of the time. Of special note Tom Seipp, 13 years old, finished 38th with 13 laps. read about his adventure ( with his Dad ) here: http://minipips.blogspot.co.uk/ ....

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Getting Ready – 24 Hour Racing Prep

From Kielder Chiller Blog by bkemp247

With a few weeks to go your mind may well start wandering and thinking about preparation for the big day. You training may have gone very well or training might just be a word that you’ve heard other people talk about. Either way, if you think about your options now then you’ll save yourself a lot of stress on the day. Here’s just a few things you might want to consider leading up to race day: ....

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Pivot Twentyfour12: The Dirty Dozen (and boy was it dirty!)

From https://sallyslifecycle.wordpress.com by Sally Hall

If you cast your minds back 12 months to last years event it was so warm, dry and even dusty for the most part with the water splash being there to cool you down. I think I got lucky that time because Plymouth is one of the wettest places in the UK and sounds like a dry event is few and far between, oh and I stopped at 12 last year and then later on the rain came in! With this in mind I went into this one a little too innocently expecting it to be the same. Oh, how naive I was! It couldn’t have been more wet if it tried! ....

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Welcome to 24 Hour Racing

24 Hour Racing is about inspiration, information and training for solo 24 hour Mountain Bike races. We also have a world wide ranking of 24 hour racers.

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1 Cory Wallace
2 Jason English
3 Josh Tostado
4 Marco Martins
5 Simon Depomeroy


1 Gaia Ravaioli
2 Liz Smith
3 Iwona Szmyd
4 Kate Penglase
5 Rachel Sokal

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