24 Hour Mountain Bike Race World Ranking

Men's Ranking

1 Cory Wallace

2 Jason English

3 Josh Tostado

4 Marco Martins

5 Simon Depomeroy

6 Jason Archer

7 Domingos Ladislau

8 Einaras Sulskus

9 Blancs Gilets Brabant

10 Kevin Skidmore

11 Elias Van Hoeydonck

12 Carwyn Davies

13 Srecko Kriznic

14 Nigel Smith

15 Rodolfio Dias

Women's Ranking

1 Gaia Ravaioli

2 Liz Smith

3 Iwona Szmyd

4 Kate Penglase

5 Rachel Sokal

6 Julie Kelly

7 Ronel Cook

8 Giuliana Massarotto

9 Leonie Smith

10 Olena Novikova

11 Madeline Bemis

12 Elisabetta Bertok

13 Ausilia Vistarini

14 Gillian Pratt

15 Eva Funfgeld

About the Rankings

Using various advanced machine learning algorithms, in depth artificial intelligence analyses of numerous data sources we arrive at a well calculated world wide valuable and valid ranking of all racers who have recently participated in a 24 hour mountiain bike race. ( ok, we copied the results form the world championship and added a few other people from other races. I am working on using computer magicks to do all the above. Stay tuned; it's going to be wicked awesome.)