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About Us

We, and when I say we I really mean me, are all about solo 24 hour mountain bike races. I've been fascinated by 24 hour races for years. This year I'm going for it in a big way, both training for and competing in 24 hour races solo but also with this site. I've created this site to keep track of all the 24 hour races in the world ( and a few other long events ) as well as play around with some machine learning to create a world wide ranking of solo24 hour racers. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to send an email.

The Rankings

Using various advanced machine learning algorithms, in depth artificial intelligence analyses of numerous data sources we arrive at a well calculated world wide valuable and valid ranking of all racers who have recently participated in a 24 hour mountain bike race. ( ok, we copied the results from the world championship and added a few other people from other races. I am working on using computer magicks to do all the above. Stay tuned; it's going to be wicked awesome.)


We've gathered all the best articles from around the web about 24 hour racing, and even written a few of our own.

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This is as complete a list of 24 hour races ( and a few more )we've been able to find.

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Current World Rankings


1 Cory Wallace
2 Jason English
3 Josh Tostado
4 Marco Martins
5 Simon Depomeroy


1 Gaia Ravaioli
2 Liz Smith
3 Iwona Szmyd
4 Kate Penglase
5 Rachel Sokal

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Upcoming Races

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